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Flight Safety Department plays a pivotal role in ensuring and maintaining safety standards of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd. Our data driven safety approach relies on data from various sources and looks past to take lesson for future plan. We received data through Air Safety Report (ASR) form, Crew de-briefing, Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR), Confidential Report, Adverse Training Record, Inspection and Surveillance, Safety audit, Investigation into accident-incident and liaison with external agency. Raw data are sorted, organized and analyzed and reports are prepared. If it is within the purview of Chief of Flight Safety, then she/ he takes necessary action in accordance with the report otherwise issues are brought to the Safety Review Board chaired by Managing Director and CEO. Safety Review Board comprising of following senior executives meets once in every three months to review the safety issues and to take necessary actions.

Managing Director & CEO
Director Flight Operations
Director Customer Services
Director Engineering
Director Administration
Director Marketing & Sales
Director Stores and Purchase
Director Finance
Chief of Flight Safety
General Manager Security
Dy. Chief of Flight Safety
Dy. General Manager CQRM
Dy. Chief Engineer (Insp. & QA)
Manager Flight Safety


Man behind the machine is responsible for 85% of world-wide accident-incident. Our relentless effort to develop human resources helps improve our safety. Training courses like Crew Resource Management (CRM), Safety Equipment and Emergency Procedure (SEEP), Aviation Security, Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) and Fire Training are organized routinely by Flight Safety Department. CRM cell has been formed to develop CRM course. To ensure quality training, an Instructor Selection Committee headed by DFO has been constituted.




















It is evident that our crew and operational staffs play a major role in our data driven safety approach. We always try to reach to you to get your input. Confidential Safety Reporting box are mounted in different location of Biman to ease reporting, safety website ( has been developed for electronic reporting and we always try to acknowledge your report and if possible let you know the action taken against a report.

Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) system is an important tool to capture performance of an aircraft and crew. We are working to equip our aircraft with FDM and hope to get important data from the FDM in near future.

Capability to harness lesson from mistakes is a must to avoid recurrence of past. Investigation findings of previous accident-incident are used for educational purposes. Our safety circular, news bulletin, awareness program and training courses reflect our learning from our past mistakes. The CRM Cell is working to make CRM course contextual to Biman.

Losses can be minimized by preparedness for the worst possible situation. Responsibility of each individual is spelled out in our Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and detailed action plan is also depicted. You will get answer to questions Who-What-Where-When-How during an emergency from our ERP. We could not be relieved confining ERP in Flight Safety Manual, as such large ERP boards have been prepared and mounted in different installation of Biman to conversant all concern with ERP and to be used as checklist during emergency. Fire Fighting and Fire Rescue Teams have been formed for all Biman establishments to act if fire emergency happened. Emergency Drill for Cabin Crew and Cockpit Crew are conducted regularly as an integral part of mandatory SEEP (Safety Equipment and Emergency Procedure) course.

Safety can not be achieved without your participation. You translate our plan into reality through your skill and knowledge, help us to know the scenario and take decision by reporting, and correct us providing feedback. We teamed up with you to transform Biman into safest possible airlines.

Extracting useful information, isolating accident precursor, determining critical control point, maintaining confidentiality, preserving data for future reference and readying for easy data retrieval are as challenging as collecting data. We have developed our very own database application "FS-Biman Data Bank v1.5.0" that makes us effective, efficient and secured.

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